Our Purpose

The team at Oval is driven by creating workspaces that bring out the best in our tenants and their employees. We look to the grain of a building and place to create bold workspace for ambitious occupiers of all types.

This requires a careful balance that respects the places we work, brings change that serves all and partners with the best people available. We work on the basis that thoughtful change lasts longer.

We enjoy working with councils, local government, civic bodies, influencers, cultural organisations, designers, artists, architects and exceptional creative talent.

We have worked with docks, car parks, mills, factories, wharfs, bunkers, yards, viaducts, stations, tunnels, churches, airfields and simple office buildings. We are agnostic on the starting point but we are clear on the delivery of future proof spaces as our end game.

Our Pillars

Oval has built a reputation that means we get to work with exceptional people and deliver exceptional projects. Our pillars are important:

Arrow Straight

We do as we say; we are discreet and patient.

Life is too Short

We are ego-light, don’t behave badly and respect others. We expect the same in return. 

Modestly Maverick

We take a thorough approach to what we do; our work is often esoteric but always based in value. We are good-humoured, a little rebellious & appreciative.

One Table

We prefer working with a de-centralised structure; we like the trust & intimacy that affords us & our partners.

Oval Real Estate Ltd

Oval is a property investor and developer with offices in London and Birmingham.

VAT No. 201037378
Registered in England and Wales No. 08789406